4 Tips To Expedite The Home-Buying Process

We all know how purchasing your new home or your next investment can be a long and daunting process here in the Philippines. In order for you to get to that contract signing and close on the property faster you must,

Know What You Want

This is very important and will save you tons of time. Have a clear vision with a firm decision to stick with your ideal property right from the get go. This will be from what you exactly need in a house, to how it looks and the area you want to be in. Walk around the neighborhood and personally talk to people. You’ll get the feel instantly if it suits you. This can alleviate you of your indecisiveness.

Get Pre-Approved

Buying properties in cash has its advantages and makes everything faster. Though if we’re going through financing to purchase, it is best to get yourself preapproved by your bank first. Time spent here will be dependent on the borrower and the loan amount they’re taking out. This will also give you a figure on how much you can really spend on. Being ready to step-up to the plate when you finally find that house you love is what we want.

Be Flexible

Every buyer should be realistic to the property that they are purchasing. There are factors to be considered especially on the price or the condition of the house. We can only attain our perfect house on that ideal neighborhood if we have a flexible budget. So homebuyers should be open to adjust on what they can only spend.

Get A Buyer-Broker

Take advantage of using a professional in finding and getting that dream home or investment you want. They can give you the best advise and negotiate the fair price for you. You can even get all this consultation and valuable help with no expense on your end. Get a licensed real estate broker who knows well the area you like. He can give you an overview of the property and where the market is heading for your investment.

Final Take

Once you’ve decided on getting that property, you need to start being proactive as well. This will help get things move faster while you are doing your search. Eventually making you sign and do a quick close on your new home before everybody else.


By: Peter Norrdell

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