How To Prepare For A House Search

There is a big difference in choosing the right house we want than what we need. Most of the times we are blinded by grandeur that we tend to forget the important necessities in purchasing a property. I know some people who defaulted and lost their homes just because they have set unrealistic goals at the wrong time. We all deserve the best things in life. A house is one of our crown’s jewel but we must take it one step at a time. Assess and possess is how I call it. Let me give you some things to ponder on before you purchase your next house.

Wish List – Reality Check = The Right Property

A Wish List is everything you’ve ever wanted in a house. We oftentimes categorize our wish list in location, size, amenities and condition. That big kitchen with granite countertops, spacious garden with a pool, big bedrooms with a master suite, school for the kids and your office just nearby. Pretty neat picture huh? Now pinch yourself and start assessing the depth of your purchasing power along with the basic necessities you really need and that’ll give you a good Reality Check.  Do we really need to have that pool and maintain it? Why do we need 5 bedrooms when we only have 2 kids? How long do I plan to stay in this house? By asking yourself specific questions about your lifestyle you can easily distinguish your priorities and easily find items you’re willing to trade off. Thus giving you an idea of the Right Property that fits you.

Location, and forever will be..

You’ve heard it a million times and let me tell you it’ll never change. Location is one of the top things to consider that will either make or break your home investment.  Always remember, you can do everything to a house except change its address.  A good compromise is what you need especially if you’re looking at a new home on a budget. A quick tip, better to buy the ugliest looking house in a superb village than buy the best looking house in a rough neighborhood. Property value in the future is important and location plays a key role.

Clueless? Get a Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Purchasing a property comes with numerous traps and pitfalls especially if you’re not familiar on what to do and how things work. With all these paperwork to be done here in the Philippines, acquiring the services of a Professional Realtor® can give you a huge advantage in negotiating that dream property of yours. So just keep it real in purchasing your next home. Pretending can be your downfall and in this business it’s a huge gamble that can damage your future. Asking for the right help will definitely go a long way.


By: Peter Norrdell

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