9 Home Improvement Tips On A Lockdown

As we are all precariously confined in our humble abode for the time being, we continuously try to find things to do and burn time so we won’t get the isolation “going crazy” bug. For some of us, there has been a couple of things here and there that we wanted to do in the house which we have put off for some time being busy with work and our daily responsibilities.

Now that we have almost all the time in the world, it is best to rekindle these projects to beautify our home and maybe even increase its value. Here are a couple of tips that may help,

  1. Declutter – Things we purchase and own accumulate in time especially if we don’t do an annual inventory of things we only need and use. These unused possessions tend to be an eyesore and take up a good space in the house if left unchecked. The golden rule always mentioned is that if you haven’t used it for a year and have no plans of using it again in the coming year, it is time to unload it. Prepare them for a garage sale or just donate them to the less fortunate. You’ll feel even better after and good karma is the best.
  2. Rearrange Furnishings – A house should always have its spaces defined. This is important in selling properties and even though we don’t have any plans to do so (or maybe you do so just let me know), having a purpose for every area brings good flow to your home. If all is in place already, try to experiment and move things around to give the space a new look that can bring you more inspiration and energy.
  3. Paint – If you still have paint from your previous projects lying around, maybe a touchup for a ding here or there is now in order. Maybe painting a whole room if you prefer and if materials are at hand.
  4. Grease – If you have those doors that makes those creaky noises when you open them then it’s time to silence them. This goes for your sliding doors, windows, cabinet doors and drawers as well.
  5. Polish – Supermarkets are open so go purchase a polishing compound for your door knobs, handles, furniture or anything in your house that needs some good shine.
  6. Hammer – This is for those who loves the hard hat. Best for those ceiling, floors, furniture, wall decorations that needs a good nail to put things back into place.
  7. Screw – Your door and cabinet hinges along with your drawer slides may turn loose in time. Tighten the screws back tight to make sure all is in place and also avoid any accidents.
  8. Plant – If you have a green thumb, place some new seeds for those new plants or trees and get a good yard work done for that nice curb appeal. If done well, this can even help increase the value of your house.
  9. General Cleaning – Once you’ve done a detailed decluttering of things in your house and some other things in this list, the best way to end it is by cleaning the house from top to bottom. Starting from the floor to every nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to use disinfectants to make it safer for you and your loved ones.

Doing all of these can be daunting and it will be tiring though just consider it as a good workout to get your immune system up as well. 2 birds with one stone right? Once done, you’ll have an amazing house and a healthy bod ready for when things get back to normal. Stay safe everyone!


By: Peter Norrdell

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