Discover If A New Or An Existing Home Is Best For You

Buying your dream house can be exciting. When we’re about to start the search, we always ask ourselves if a new or an existing used property will be better. For some buyers, this is a predicament they seem to wrestle on. It’s understandable as it really has its pros and cons. Now how to decide will boil down to your budget and what you’re really comfortable living with.

Here are just some things to remember,

Decide To Live In A House Or Fix It Up

If you want to just live in a house and don’t want to worry about any maintenance then a new constructed home is perfect for you. You can start enjoying the house and just concentrate on the more important things in your life. With a fixer-upper, you will need to spend time renovating some areas of the house and you have to be prepared with your emergency list of professionals ready to help when something goes wrong.

Budget Criteria

In any area, used homes will always cost less than a brand new house. You will definitely spend in a fixer-upper though with the right budgeting in your renovations, you still have a bigger chance to save more. This will all depend though if it’s in a Move-in condition or a Handyman’s Special meaning it’s a gut job project.

Property Appreciation

A newly constructed house will have a slight edge on this. The depreciation and age of a property is an important factor to most buyers when they’re looking for a house to live on. A newly refurbished property done well also has a chance to ask for top money especially when they have made a massive renovation with the vital components of the house.


No matter if it’s a new or used home, it will still be about the best location. You can change everything in your house except its location. A property in a challenging location may affect its value in the future.


We all just want to enjoy our home without stressing about any problems that may arise. If your budget permits, I suggest that a brand spanking new house is the way to go. It gives you peace of mind and just wonderful memories with your family for the next couple of years.

If you like creating your own space and there are constraints in spending, a nice home with good bones and a customized renovation is what fits you more. Maximizing the current floor plan to how you want it will definitely work.

In the end, it’s all about your personality, knowing your strengths and level of patience. Just be honest with yourself and live with a decision you won’t regret. This is a home you should love and must always be filled with great, positive vibes.


By: Peter Norrdell

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