What people are saying…


ROSE MONTENEGRO, CEO & President, Makati Medical Center, Philippines

“Peter is the epitome of professionalism as a broker. He knows the value of regular communication with his clients, listens to their needs & wants, summaries the agreements in order to avoid any misunderstanding. In addition, Peter never needs to be followed up. He is always on the ball with updates and alternatives. Peter should be cloned as this level of service is not common in realty where the sale is always the only objective, leaving a lot of loose ends in the process.”


JOAO BORGES, Owner, Portuguese National Feng Shui School, Portugal

“Peter is an absolutely brilliant Real Estate Broker and we consider ourselves really lucky to have found him on the internet. Buying and selling a property is many times fraught with dangers and traps in the Philippines, especially if you are a foreigner. Working with someone honest and straightforward is of utmost importance and such people are many times hard to find.

Being half Swedish and half Filipino, Peter combines the best of both worlds, the work ethics of northern Europe with the local know how of Manila. He will give you the best advice and guide you safely throughout the whole process. We were also impressed with the speed that he could move matters through the local authorities. He managed to complete the whole sale in a record time. Whether you are buying or selling, we whole heartedly recommend him. If you choose Peter Norrdell, you will be in safe hands!”


CHRIS BURDICK, Sales Executive, Fidelity National Title, USA

“Peter has been a tremendous help to us and I cannot thank him enough. We don’t live in the area and really needed someone there in Manila walk us through everything and go the extra mile to get things done. I would recommend Peter to anyone looking for a kind, responsive and effective Realtor® with a network of buyers, contractors and engineers to help us get our property sold. Without his efforts, I don’t think this deal would have closed. I’m referring him to the rest of my family with property to sell in the Philippines”


JOSEPH LEE, Executive Director, P&N Holdings, Singapore

“Peter is a real joy to work with. Knowing the challenges faced by many foreigners who own Philippine properties, he literally held our hands and guided us every step of the way. From the listing requirements, marketing of the property, sales process, documentation, related fees and authorities to work with, he patiently explained the process and purpose for each stage of the sales transaction.

Honest, knowledgeable and professional, he handed all our queries and concerns promptly through emails and phone calls. His “Never give up” attitude speaks volumes of his tenacity, which eventually leads to a successful sale after patiently strategising against many other sellers. For a peace of mind and assurance of an honest transaction, that many sellers or buyers earnestly seek, Peter is THE man.”


RYAN MEO, CEO & Founder, Fintech &, U.S.A.

“I have been living on and off between the US and Philippines for ten years now. Recently, I was looking for a long term lease and Peter responded immediately. More impressively he had an amazing customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend their firm.”


ERIKA PADILLA, Actress, TV Host, Philippines

“Hard work is an understatement for Peter Norrdell. It is a committed persistence to meet goals and accountability that values trust. For the 10 things that I had to accomplish, I just had to do one – call him and he took care of the rest.”


     CESAR ONATE, Senior Project Engineer, Metro Vancouver, Canada

“Thanks a lot Peter for helping us sell our property. We had a good experience working with you and we were very satisfied with how you did you job – so professional.”


ANTOINETTE DIZON-ALLEJO, Anesthesiologist, The Medical City, Philippines

“My husband and I recently acquired our first home together and we couldn’t have done it with Peter’s help. He guided us every step of the way. Peter was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. We could not be more pleased with the way he handled the transaction.”


PATRICIA ISABEL TAMASE, Research Analyst, Citibank, Philippines

“I was very lucky to have Peter as my Realtor® for my very first purchase. He always made sure I understood the processes, closely guiding me through them and patiently answering the many questions I had about them. This was a very important milestone for me and it was a pleasure working with Peter for it.

I was intimidated at first since this was all new to me, but Peter’s clear expertise and approachable disposition made it a stress-free transaction from start to finish. His professionalism sets the bar high for others in his field, and it made me feel assured that I was getting a good, honest deal. I am sure his other clients would agree 100%.”


MARIA THEA YLAGAN, Landscape Architect, CPG, Singapore

“It’s a great privilege and blessing to have him as our broker. It’s not just because his job calls for excellence but we believe it’s because of who he really is.”                                        


KYLE JORDAN SPAANS, Engineer, Green Chef, Canada

“Peter set me up with a fully furnished condo unit for my work trip in Manila. He got me an excellent rate and was able to answer all of my questions about my stay. I’m looking forward to doing business with him again.


KING WANG, Information Technology Specialist, China

“Peter is very punctual and abides by the contract. You don’t need to worry about anything because he helps you think it over. If I want to buy or sell more condominium units I would still choose only him.”                              


VICTOR ALIWALAS, Vice President – Head CRM, PLDT ALPHA, Philippines

“For a great property buying and selling experience, contact Peter. I had a very stress free and seamless experience with his realty service.”


PEARL MAGLAYA, Sydney, Australia

“A foreign investor in the Philippines can be faced with a lot of uncertainties and unforeseen challenges but I was lucky to have Peter as my Realtor who made the selling process flawless with his first-rate professionalism.

His knowledge in the business and his positive attitude throughout the process took a lot of the pressure and stress off me and he always looked out for my best interest. He is very flexible to accommodate your schedule and is extremely responsive in handling all matters right away. His outstanding commitment and dedication to his service and his trustworthiness is what makes him successful and what provides value to his clients. It’s of great pleasure doing business with Peter and will definitely refer him to my network of friends with no qualms.”


HANS MONTENEGRO, AVP Manulife Asia, Hong Kong

“Peter exemplifies the true definition of CONSISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE in an industry where most people are only attentive to you until they have your check. His “after sales service” in the form of follow ups and updates should be the benchmark for Real Estate professionals. His attention to detail at every step and aspect of the buying or rental process and his proactive nature ensures that as a customer, I am informed and guided rather than reactive. Peter’s natural affable nature also makes it easy to work with him and has helped him build a wide network of clients and colleagues. He is a trusted partner to our family and we never hesitate to refer him to our friends.”


JUVER DOLOJAN, Department Manager, Asian Development Bank, Philippines

“We never thought a Real Estate Broker could be this sincere. He gave us the best price, assisted us end-to-end without hidden cost and he even charmed the people of RD to expedite the processing of our papers. What’s more surprising is after everything was said and done, he sent us a heart-warming thank you letter. That’s Peter for you, future clients. You’ll never go wrong with him.”